Meet the Mushrooms of FFP. Each of the mushroom varieties listed below are cultivated right here at Field and Forest Products.

One of the most flavorful, firm textured mushrooms you’ll ever eat; the most coveted mushroom worldwide! These can be grown at home on hardwood logs if you have a shady, protected spot outdoors.
FFP’s signature flavor:
 garlicky, woodsy; chewy

Graceful mushrooms coming in a range of gorgeous colors. You can grow these on soft hardwood logs, straw or cottonseed hulls.
FFP’s signature flavor: oniony, earthy; chewy

King Oyster
An amazing Oyster mushroom which is almost all dense, sweet stem. Coin and pan fry until golden. These mushrooms can be grown on straw beds outdoors.
FFP’s signature flavor: sweet; crisp

Wine Cap
A mushroom of late summer through fall; these are one of the easiest to grow at home when seeded in woodchip beds outdoors. Rich red caps and striking white stems.
FFP’s signature flavor: nutty; crisp

Here is a famous medicinal mushroom that can take on fantastical forms; creaky twisted yellow tipped red fingers, dragons neck flaming yellow white fire…. But when properly grown for medicinal uses, the mushroom fans out in a beautiful shell shape, colored in reds, yellows and whites. Its love of a lengthy warm season means Northern growers must be happy with growing them indoors, best on sawdust blocks, but southern growers can grow nice conks outdoors on oak logs. See our facebook page for one growers’ success pics. This mushroom is used for teas and powders. You can eat it if you are an arthropod.

FFP’s signature flavor: bitter; shoe leatherish

Lion's Mane
Best seeded on beech logs or fruited indoors from our sawdust block Starter Sets or Table Top Farms. These mushrooms look like snowballs with tiny soft spins.
FFP’s signature flavor: sweet, lobsteresque; chewy

Found at the bases of oak trees in North America in late August, these large, leafy mushrooms really do look like sandbathing speckled barred rock hens. Best grown at 60° F using the FFP Table Top Farm or Starter Set.
FFP’s signature flavor: deep, rich, woodsy; chewy to crisp

Almond Agaricus
Seed this cousin to the Portabella into a thick topdressing of garden compost mulch in the spring for a summer fruiting.
FFP’s signature flavor: almondy; dense

Soft lavender blue to pale buff, these truly woodsy mushrooms of the earth are seeded in beds of bark and fallen leaves, fruiting early to late fall. We are pretty sure this is the mushroom Pip and Merry found on the road in "The Fellowship of the Rings”!
FFP’s signature flavor: earthy and lightly meaty; soft